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NFK Technologies is dedicated to offering reliable mobile coverage solutions to mobile phone users Allover INDIA.We mainly provides all kinds of indoor signal products including MOBILE SIGNAL BOOSTERS, for GSM, CDMA, & 3G For All operators.

Thousands of people across INDIA struggle with poor cell reception every day.

Signal boosters / repeaters are devices that have long been available for Corporate Offices,Residential Towers,Basement,Factory,Godown,Bunglow,Rowhouse,Construction Site,Hotels,Resorts & Flats etc.

Our mobile signal booster / Repeater solutions bring in the mobile phone signals from outside, greatly reduce the potential of experiencing "dropped calls" and allow mobile phone users to use their phone for smoother and clearer phone calls, higher data transmission rate (GPRS), less radiation harms, and longer battery usage.

NFK Technology Provides solutions for poor mobile coverage for any carrier in INDIA with a reliable product which is both cost effective and easy to install. Whether a client seeks to cover 100 sq feet, 10000 sq feet, a warehouse, building or large facility we have the solution.

Our MOBILE SIGNAL BOOSTERS enhancement products support all cellular systems of CDMA800Mhz, GSM900Mhz, DCS1800Mhz, as well as 3G2100Mhz networks as well as All 3G networks, and they ensure quite reliable connection, quite clear voice, and supports the cellular networks' data transmission technologies of GPRS etc.

Comprehensive repeater range provides flexibilities of boosting either single system, or dual systems or even triple systems of CDMA+GSM900+DCS1800+3G2100 by one single product, and each system can be predefined up to 3 sub bands. Applications are both indoor and outdoor environments of homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, commercial centers, countryside, residential areas, tourist resorts, and stadiums.

Our consumer repeater solutions boost signals of all cellular devices operating within the wide band frequency range of the repeater. All phones or any other cellular devices from all operators benefit from the single repeater. Our industrial repeater solutions are customized to amplify only specific cellular operators' signals to prevent competitors' signals from being amplified or getting interfered.

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